As I cut away at Episode 4 I realise I hadn’t posted this up!
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There’ll be more from Stanley Donwood down the line, and the next episode (The Fast Show) has a great score I put together with the glorious ‘scatter’ drumming of Dave Collingwood. It is tying my head in knots right at this moment in time though…


Its been 6 months since posting up here, and I have to admit, I have a limited capacity or desire to keep the many spoked social wheel oiled. I am, like many modern humans, digital but not mainlined. Getting away from the screen is the number one goal. Enter the listener…

So here are a couple of ongoing productions;

The Boneshakercast – We’re excited to be launching this new regular show with the glorious Boneshaker Magazine. Taking a sideways look at cycling. Our worlds are starting to open up as great stories from far and wide arrive at the door.

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And then this is an ongoing monthly podcast with Katie and Kim’s Kitchen – I’m enjoying these more and more as our catalogue slowly builds. Strangers coming in to the Cafe with grinning faces saying they’ve been listening to the podcast, will only add to cult of personality that is strangely growing! – Loveable – Local – Lip Smacking

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NASA’s posted up some of its sound archive on Soundcloud.

When the space agency was asked about its new account on SoundCloud, it stated that it is an attempt to develop interest in the agency among the younger generation. According to NASA, the account will attract those youngsters who did not live through the golden age of space exploration

A Radio Feature getting its first airing on Resonance fm next week – Tuesday 28th Oct at 4.30pm and repeated on Friday at 2a.m –

Glastonbury tor - from the lane

A melting pot of confusion and difference? A beacon for eccentrics and wanderers? Or a model for harmonious modern society?

Rising up like an island out of the wetlands of the Somerset levels, steeped in myths and histories that stretch back to the dawn of time, yet known to many only as the name of a music festival started in the 1970s. Glastonbury has the greatest variety of religious practices per capita in europe, has a market town population of only 9000, but sees annual visitors from around the world in their hundreds of thousands.

Through the experiences and views of a handful of its current inhabitants, ‘A Glastonbury Romance’ ventures into Glastonbury as it is today.

The title takes its name from the 1932 novel by John Cowper Powys. A metaphysical saga that plays out through the lives and diverse views of the town’s inhabitants. All of whom find commonality in the backdrop of the grail myth.

Produced by Gary Fawle, and recorded on and around the summer solstice of 2013.

Through Events in Sound, I’ve just created some audio content for Global Witness to add a bit to their report ‘The Great Rip Off‘.

GW, or more specifically Charmian Gooch has won the TED prize this year, as well as the Skoll Foundation award and is now on Bloombergs top 50 influential people list.

This report calls for a public registry of anonymous companies and owners around the world, with the aim of putting an end to vast swathes of corruption.

Kamal is Kurdish, I was good friends with him about seven years ago. We both used to work for a Norfolk farmers co-op, and set up markets in London, where Kamal lived.
He had an appalling and epic refugee story, that began when his family had to get him smuggled out of Kurdistan after deserting from Sadam’s army conscription. His journey passed through Turkey, went across Europe and ended in London. Unfortunately I can’t remember the details well enough to do it justice in writing here, he told me while we were working over a busy morning.
Unfortunately we ended up having strong words over something stupid, and fell out. Kamal’s tempestuous temper made it clear to me this was best left. I moved to Bristol and have had no contact since.

We recorded this with the intention of him sending it to his family back home. I’m sad to say we never got around to doing that. I’ve no way of contacting him now so thought I’d put it up here.

I’ve got no idea what its about or where it comes from, so anyone who recognises it, please comment.